The ROSC-U™ Miniature Chest Compressor

ROSC-U™ is our new Electromechanical Mechanical CPR Device based upon the Weil™ Mini Chest Compressor currently being used by both EMS services and hospitals to improve patient outcomes.

Users have reported favorably on its ease of use, simple operation, and quick deployment of the Weil™ Mini, a pneumatic device. While field input regarding the Weil™ Mini has been consistently positive, there have been many requests for an electro/mechanical version that would be battery-operated to increase portability and eliminate the need for a compressed air infrastructure.

Our goal was to maintain the basic design, functionality, and efficacy of the Weil™ Mini while creating a more portable battery-operated device.

After surveying battery-operated mechanical C-P-R devices either previously or currently in the market, we concluded that the type of battery and its run time, on one charge, would need to be robust in order to assist healthcare providers who must perform CPR in both every day and challenging environments.

  • Our solution was to use a lithium iron phosphate battery, which has battery chemistry with distinct advantages over prior battery types as proven in military field use.
  • For example, lithium iron phosphate batteries can exceed fifteen hundred charge/recharge cycles where other battery types are limited to 200 - 300 hundred cycles, retain eighty percent of its charge after one year of non-use, and provides approximately three hours of CPR device use per charge.
  • This choice of battery chemistry was the foundation for ROSC-U™, the next generation electro/mechanical version of our miniature chest compressor.


Priced at $11,999.00 U.S. MSRP

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  • Its depth of compression feature has three options: Default, Mid and Two inches, which meets AHA guidelines.
  • These depth options allow healthcare professionals greater flexibility when addressing the wide variety of adult patient physiques.
  • ROSC-U™ has other advantages besides having a robust battery.
  • ROSC-U™ uses the same patient torso restraint as our pneumatic device, which takes less than ten seconds to deploy and provides circumferential chest compression.
  • ROSC-U™ has been compared to a Hybrid device providing both Sternal Displacement (piston effect) and Circumferential Chest Compression (load distribution effect) simultaneously.
  • When comparing ROSC-U™ to the choices available in mechanical CPR devices, you will find ROSC-U™ has many valuable discriminators, the least of which is an attractive price and a lower cost of ownership.